Of Whey protein & other things

For 3 years, he had followed a disciplined gym workout routine of 2 hours everyday (except Sundays). For the initial two years as an M.Phil research scholar, his only diet was eggs, bananas and milk everyday. Post their marriage, the add on was boiled chicken and vegetables every alternate day. His weight had increased from 55 kgs in 2015 to 71 kgs in 2018.


A year after their marriage when she went home to her parents in Tamil Nadu, her mother and brother had sat her down at the dining table and asked, “what is it that you cook at home?” With a serious look she said, “Oh I make breakfast, you know. I boil milk, boil eggs, spread peanut butter on brown bread.” They looked at her in disbelief waiting for her list to continue. When they realised that was all, her brother said, “you call that cooking?!”. She looked at him sternly and said, “of course, I also boil chicken for him with salt and pepper! He cooks broccoli & other vegetables himself. I will ask you what you and your wife cook when you get married!”. The mother and brother duo shook their heads silently and walked away. (The mother was given a title of ‘The Chef’ by her son-in-law for the variety of dishes she cooks for them. Breakfasts back home cannot be imagined without Dosa or Idly. Bread and eggs are totally ‘western’! Breakfasts in J&K are another story for another post!).


For 3 years, he researched online on a) at what stage of body building to get a protein supplement (b) which would be the best and (c) where to get authentic protein supplement. He decided that Whey protein would be the best supplement since both he and his wife could no longer spend time on cooking!! (with the doctoral research, teaching and gym workouts). After watching hundreds of YouTube videos, on the pros and cons of buying Whey protein from dealers in Delhi vs online fitness stores, he let his wife choose where to buy from, which she did in a matter of thirty minutes. She ordered Gold Standard Whey Protein (Optimum Nutrition) from Amazon based on highest average customer ratings! To end the ritual of buying an authentic supplement, they downloaded a QR & Barcode Scanner, and here is the result:


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